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Hello Awesome Admins,

Nowadays there is a number of developer tools that Admins can benefit from. However, guides and manuals for these tools are designed by developers and for developers.

It means they often contain a lot of excessive information that Admins don’t really need or terminology they don’t understand.

Most of the time Admins need to concentrate on improving constantly changing processes.

It means there is not much time left for installation of the tools, setup and studying their functionality.

I have recorded a video with simplified instructions on how to install Eclipse and IDE and start working with them.

In this video I concentrated on the steps that have a meaning for administrators and have skipped complexity where it was possible.

You can watch the video here.

The following links are referenced in the video:

Install Eclipse and IDE Prerequisites and steps:

Java SE Development Kit 7:


Use these links to download files required for the installation. Keep in mind that with time new versions of the products will be released and the links might change.

After watching this video and completing all the steps you will be ready to start creating and updating your metadata.

More videos with further details on how Salesforce Administrators can benefit from using Eclipse and IDE will follow soon.

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