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Do you remember how you first learnt about Salesforce? I definitely remember how I did.

It was at a time when there was no Trailhead. A Sales Director of the company I used to work for asked me into his office and said he had a small project for me – introducing Salesforce to the company’s European teams. Sometimes I think if he could see the future, he would have never assigned this project to me. But who could possibly imagine that a Customer Service girl with a deep interest in fashion design would change her career direction and become a Salesforce Administrator?

That was the first time I heard about Salesforce and to be honest I didn’t know much about other CRM systems either. In the evening I came home and started researching all the new words: Salesforce, CRM, Sales Cloud… I understood relational databases and I worked with an ERP system at that point of time, however, I knew nothing about CRM systems and their similarities or differences. There was a lot of information to read and sometimes I had to go through the same articles a few times to actually start understanding something. My head was spinning…

Spinning Head

Salesforce Administrators and Trainers often have to explain what Salesforce is to the new employees of the company. Quite a few people have never heard about Salesforce or heard the name but never actually learned what it was about. They often need to start working with it immediately. Most of the time internal training guides and videos provide information on how a certain company uses Salesforce. But these resources only cover the answers to the ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions related to a specific org. They don’t give an introduction into Salesforce as a CRM or as a company.

Luckily now in addition to trails that introduce users to standard functionalities and capabilities, Trailhead has a new trail ‘Navigate to Salesforce Advantage’ that answers those outstanding ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions. It gives an overview of what Salesforce is, the benefits it offers and explains the basics of the Salesforce technology and ecosystem. It is not just for future Admins and Developers. It is for everyone who is new to Salesforce, whether it is a Sales, Marketing, Support user or a member of another department.

I like the way ‘Navigate to Salesforce Advantage’ modules answer the main questions most of the new users have: What is Salesforce and why should we use it, what is CRM, what is Cloud Computing and can it be trusted. It is all obvious to experienced Admins and Developers. But it can be very confusing and frustrating for people who are new to it, who are not very technical and are probably used to other systems and the way data and processes are managed in them. Why should they start doing things differently when the old ways work? Is this new system any good? Can they trust it? What’s in it for them?

A ‘Salesforce Cloud Benefits’ Trailhead module explains what Salesforce is and concentrates on the key factors that are important to business management. After reading this module a new Manager or Director will immediately see how they can benefit from using and promoting Salesforce within their teams as an opposite to staying with older, less efficient solutions. They don’t need to go through multiple resources or do their own comparison. All the important information is already here. Simple examples that are used in the trail make terms, that seem to be complex, easy understandable.

In ‘Salesforce Ecosystem’ module new users quickly learn that they are not left one-to-one with a complex system. They are getting introduced to a flexible solution and can get advice and help from community, industry partners, can share their ideas and collaborate with others. All this allows them to design more efficient processes and solutions that help grow the business and make their work more efficient.

‘Navigate to Salesforce Advantage’ trail also provides an overview of Salesforce key core differentiators: Customer Success, Innovation, Giving Back and Leadership. Having this explained gives businesses confidence that the system is going to work for them today, tomorrow and in the foreseeable future. It is not going to remain the same forever. Every company is flexible to change their Salesforce org together with business requirements. And Salesforce will offer more and more capabilities as technology evolves.


Introduction to Salesforce becomes easy with Trailhead and a ‘Navigate to Salesforce Advantage’ trail.

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