Where's Astro

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that our favourite Trailhead character, Astro went missing. The Trailhead team prepared a new module, ‘Where’s Astro’, to share all the evidence with Salesforce community detectives in the hope of finding Astro asap. They even offered a reward for completing the module and helping to find him. Until then, all new Trailhead challenges are on hold…

So what could have happened to Astro? Has he been kidnapped? Hmm… Why would anyone do that? Do the kidnappers want to shut Trailhead down forever? Or do they want to get all the Trailhead badges without having to complete all the modules and trails?

Before completing the ‘Where’s Astro’ module and examining all the evidence and clues provided by the Trailhead team, I decided to do my own research. After all, many other Salesforce Admins and Developers are already investigating all the information. I was confident I saw Astro dancing with a pretty lady mascot at one of the London events.

Astro at a party

Or, maybe I was dreaming… I know Astro is not expected in London until around 19th May 2016, the date of the Salesforce World Tour in London. But no one seemed to know his plans, so it was definitely worth checking. As a good detective, I tried to attend all the London parties. It was exhausting, but finding Astro was absolutely worth the sacrifice. I quizzed many people but, unfortunately, couldn’t find any leads, no one had seen Astro.

Then, I decided to get back to the Trailhead module ‘Where’s Astro’ and take a look at all the information provided by Trailhead team…And guess what? I got the answer. No, Astro wasn’t attending a party, or dancing with a pretty lady mascot. Do you want to find out what really happened? Complete the module to find out.

In all seriousness, I think this module is a great way of explaining what Salesforce is all about to people that are new to it (both adults and kids). In a simple and fun way, it demonstrates what a CRM system is and how it can be used. If you want to introduce someone to the world of Salesforce, you don’t need to struggle with complex acronyms, fresh vocabulary and unnerving abbreviations. The ‘Where’s Astro’ module will give them a good idea of what Salesforce is all about.

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